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Description: Explore a thought-provoking journey through articles that challenge stereotypes and delve into the importance of in-depth knowledge of Native American cultures. Uncover the rich legacy of ancient cultures in North America and trace the millennia-old origins of Native Americans on the continent. Immerse yourself in the intricate fabric of Native oral traditions, and gain insights into the population dynamics before European arrival. Follow the historical narrative of the settlement of North America, unraveling the complexities of its past.


Native American Cultures: Myths and magicNative American Cultures: Myths and magic

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This book challenges deep-seated stereotypes and offers an enriching perspective that contributes to a more comprehensive and respectful appreciation of the indigenous peoples of North America. Through an understanding of their myths and beliefs, we are taking an important step toward cultural reconciliation and the recognition of the diversity that has enriched the history of this continent.
These mythical stories, many of them linked to the literary genre of fantasy, reveal a world where the divine and the human intertwine in narratives that explain the cosmic order, creation, and the fundamental structure of the universe. Discover how these sacred tales bear witness to the deep connection of the natives with nature and spirituality.